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control any VI over the web, instantly


use ADO and SQL in LabVIEW to communicate with databases


communication interfaces for LabVIEW<->Perl



LabVIEW Open Source Tools (L.O.S.T.)


LabVNC is a cross-platform, open source utility that uses the open-source VNC protocol to allow you to instantly turn any VI into a Java applet which will allow you to do remote control over the web. No programming or modification of your VI code is necessary



...running as a Java applet in the browser, with full control capabilities.

LabVNC control panel

Authors: Jeffrey Travis, Graeme Cloughley, Scott Gerlach. Based on VNC modifications by Rudi de Vos. Rayodyne LLC sponsored the development of LabVNC. Please visit the Rayodyne site for technical support options and additional information.

System requirements :

  • For the server: LabVIEW 6.0, Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Server versions of Linux are under development, will be posted in the near future.
  • For the remote clients: any Java-enabled web browser on any platform. We have tested LabVNC on Internet Explorer (MacOS, Windows) and Netscape (Windows, MacOS, Linux); both work well. It will even work on hanheld devices like Psion (EPOC)!
  • TCP/IP network connection between client and server.

Current version: LabVNC BETA 0.4

Soon the LabVNC site will be moved to:



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